Unique  details  reflect  the  personality


Traditional handmade craftsmanship has been mixed with the modern style, creating a look both contemporary and unique.

There is nothing quite like having a piece of clothing designed and tailored exclusively for you.

meet a personal stylist

In the ARTELLI showroom our tailor & stylist  will guide you through the initial consultation as  the style advising , finding the perfect fabric and taking  your  measurement for the best fitting.

premium fabric collections

Richly textured and seductive smoothness…              Giving you a superior look and feel by our  finest, luxurious bespoke fabrics. Select from over 1500 of superfine fabrics from Thomas Mason to genuine Sea Island, the world’s finest, “super 300” of David & John Anderson.

measuring for the perfect fit

In our unique system, 20 measurements are taken for each customers specific shape, creating a unique pattern  and stored for the future orderings. There is special feeling  in wearing a perfect fitting bespoke shirt & suit, one that every man must experience…

measurement taking

design your style

There are many ways of expressing elegance, as many as there are personalities, styles and preferences.

The private tailor will advice and guide you through  the selection of designing options for personal preference. Nearly infinite combinations for the perfect collar and cuff style, buttons and unique details as monograms.

excellent craftsmanship

All  ARTELLI  bespoke shirts & suits are hand cut, using the personally created patterns, which are kept in our system for the future orderings. Every single detail is  carefully constructed by our master tailor, during the creation process. Hand sewn and reinforced with single needle stitching along the seams for extended durability.

shirt creating

fitting the masterpiece

When the ordered garments are finished, we meet for a final fitting to ensure every detail meets your expectations. The privilege of owning a unique handcrafted product -specially designed and built according to the personal wishes- expresses the purest sense of Artelli Bespoke Tailoring. Unique Masterpiece – Pure Individuality


gift cards

The uniquely packaged voucher is always the perfect way for an ultimate gift. What better than discovering the experience of the  handmade bespoke tailoring world.

visiting tailor

visiting tailor

We understand how difficult it can be to fit these appointments into a busy schedule. Therefore we have developed our new visiting service, which brings all the quality and handmade craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring direct to your office or home.

wedding 3

bespoke wedding

Our stylist will assist you through the whole process to choose from  the variety of different fabrics and design options,  to create your look perfect on your big wedding day. 


handmade shirts

The process of details resulting in a beautifully  handcrafted masterpiece. True artistry is at the heart of every bespoke shirt we create.

handmade suits

The privilege of owning a unique suit, specially designed and created according to your personal wishes, expresses the purest sense of  bespoke.

handmade jeans

Our new service offers a private tailored jeans experience, which allows you to create the look that expresses your individual  denim style.

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